Realistic Glasses

My latest work, I spend the whole day on this one.
I used my own glasses as a real-life reference, and recycled an old laptop model I made a while ago (
I tried to get something a bit close to the cellphone photos taken with flash and used only 2 point lights for that
Dust overlay textures are from

AO pass :


Nice render. I really recognise those swirly stationed on the glass from my own real glasses:) nicely done.

The track pad is pretty sandy/dirty though.

You Lier This Is Poto!!!

Looks nice man! The textures really win in this one!

great work on this one! Love the overall mood and atmosphere of this rendering. Honestly i feel like the bump map of the laptopmaterial is a bit too much. But since this is a finished piece, just forget about this and be happy that you created such a nice render =)

Thank you guys!

awesome bro