Realistic Glock 40

(Nayman) #1

i personally hate guns, but finds them interesting ot look at.

So, without further adue, here is my scratch made Glock 40.

made i nabout 3 hours

(Cativo) #2

Nice! A bit dark, but good modeling…

(Bapsis) #3

Nice work there Nay!!!
Have you done any env map stuff yet? 'Cuz if you could crome up the handel, barrel and the tips of the bullets that’d make it super sweet. :wink:
Good job up to here tho, very nice modeling!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(HpyGoCrazy) #4

It might not be realistic but it is GOOD. You need more detail to make it realistic but I like the modelling. Keep up the good work.

(S68) #5

Yes, /me too finds it not overly realistic, mainly lacks details, but it is a very nice scene :slight_smile:

keep it up


(sten) #6

nice , very nice 8)

(Nayman) #7

how can i make it more realisitc?

(S68) #8

Grrr… be serious… lok at my works… do you think I’m able to tell you how to make something more realistic??? :stuck_out_tongue:


First it looks made of plastic.

Second, light is feeble, and difficult to appreciate fully

Third trigger is flat… Bevel! Bevel! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps…


(sten) #9

Grrr… be serious… lok at my works… do you think I’m able to tell you how to make something more realistic??? :stuck_out_tongue:

well why not ? I am not even able to use LigthFlow, but you are - Stefano

(GemaRastem) #10

First it looks made of plastic.

Glocks are made out of plastic :smiley:

anyways I think you could use some work on the bullets and the edges are a little blury other than that it is a pretty good pic

(Cativo) #11

A good place for refernece…

Warning!: some nudity. if you don’t wanna see it, the DON"T LOOK FOR IT! :wink:

(acasto) #12

hehe :wink:

Very nice guns to handle and shoot, very comfortable and light.

When you say ‘Glock 40’, I assume you are referring to the Glock 22 (standard), that fires the .40 round. There is also the 23, 27, 34, and 24 models that fire the .40 caliber cartridge.

Do you have ‘emit’ set on the bullets texture? They seem to glow even in places that should be dark and shadowed. Also, the clip looks too short to fit in far enough to reach the firing mechanisms. Also, the 22 model has up to a 17 round capacity (although only 10 for civilians :frowning: ), so the clip is a little lacking in that aspect. Also, magazine are spring loaded from the bottom, so the rounds don’t usually go all the way down. I’m not sure, but I also haven’t seen to many clips with the front open like that.