Realistic grass animation questions

I have seen many threads and tips on the basics of modelling and animating grass. I have an area of grass that i modelled for an animation i am doing, however, every time I try to animate it like wind blowing through it, it never looks “natural” I always can see a “blob” moving over the grass, from the empty that is emitting the field. I have tried with multiple empties moving at different angles and speeds, which helps out, but I was wondering about BBB. The grass in that movie does not seem to be animated in that fashion, and seems to be much more natural. Does anyone know of a better technique, or how it waas done in that movie?

Have you tried creating a cloud texture and keying the offsets? After doing that, set the PAttr (Particle Attributes) for — i think it’s velocity — ??? Let me know.


I created a cloud texture and keyed the MgOff. Is that the offset value, it is not clear in the IPO editor (no popup bubble help)?

I have a cube near my grass and I select it. I click on the physics button and choose the fields TAB.
I choose Texture and I type the name of my clouds texture into the Texture: field. When I set the strength to 1.0 I do see a change in my grass, but it does not animate. Also, I can not see my texture animate in the texture preview even after I have created an IPO for MgOff. what actually links the IPO to the texture?