Realistic grass

(bckpkol) #1

Made with grasslab addon, textures are mine.


test.blend (4.83 MB)

(XeroShadow) #2

Is the grass suppose to look that shiny?

(bckpkol) #3

I don’t know suppose it or not. It’s emission shader. Here’s another, diffuse version:


test2.blend (4.84 MB)

(system) #4

Looks quit good.
I had also good results with a grass shader as follows;

  • Mix diffuse with translucent
  • Add fresnell (Or a bpr fesnell)
  • Look for IOR backflip, (Greg Zaal) to flip the IOR on the backfaces of the grass. (it’s here on blenderartists)

(Meta-Androcto) #5

hi, was that from the grass lab addon in addons contrib?

(bit biter) #6

It seems to me that the grass from the grass lab addon is using particles.
Here I used grass free, I believe it is on blendswap. But it’s original shader is quite bad. I had to replace the add-shader node into mix shader node, lower the albedo values, lower the saturation. And applied an IOR flip so that backface shows correct fresnell, and add pbr-specular-reflection (cycnicat). Then saved render as EXR > Natron > filmic > CDL (power and slope) and some grading. Eh … and at te end of the process I used the microsoft Photo app :no: ?. Oops ?

(bckpkol) #7

Why Fresnel? I don’t know, maybe it should be connected to the color node of the Glossy shader, but does grass have Fresnel, and if, what value?

(organic) #8

Everything has fresnel . . . !

From ‘V-Ray in real life’. Here’s the full version -


(bckpkol) #9

Well, that second version looks good even without Fresnel, and I’m afraid that adding it will ruin the picture. But still nobody answered: what refractive index do grass have?