Realistic Halos

I have seen these cool halos a several times now. They look like a normal halo but have a thin horizontal line also. Check mindfields to see what I mean. I tried to achieve this effect with ‘lines’ set to minimum, but I can´t get it horizontal. I would also like to use thicker stripes sometimes.

Is this an ‘After Effect’ or can I do that with Blender? I can imagine to work around with textures (like always in Blender :wink: ), but maybe there´s a built-in solution.

try adjusting the random seed below the number of lines. It adjusts the angle the line appears at. I haven’t tried recreating this effect, but you may want to try having to halos. One with the normal glow, and the other with just line that can be larger.

No matter how often I press that button, it never goes horizontal or vertical (which would also be nice sometimes)…

Now… where´s my giant spotlight that writes ‘THEETH’ into the nightly sky…?

Did you try turning the VECT option on in the particles setting (F7)?


:o That was quick…
No, I don´t want particles, I want this cool flare effect from the glowing tip of the mindfields-asteroids/rockets/whatever… errr…
Imagine a giant spaceship passes you by and then the camera looks into the huge engines… horizontal flare… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ok I know how to acieve the horizontal line effect :smiley:

first, add a material, then a texture
In texture window select Blender and then halo and then click on colorband and tweak it so it look like this:

Then go in the material menu and tweak everything so it’s like this:

Now you got a very small halo with big line :smiley:

Now to add a bigger halo in the middle of the line just add a new plane, delete 3 of the 4 points, then add a material and make it as you wish :smiley:

If you got any more question just ask :smiley:

:frowning: :expressionless: :-? :slight_smile: :smiley: Yieeeharrr !!! Thanxxxalot! You unveiled something completely new to me… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ooops bad idea… *smirks

:o Exactly !!


i really shouldn’t show off my exodus work now should i… *smirks again

Now… 106 and 142 make good seed values, but

  1. How is one going to find that out?
  2. it´s not perfectly horizontal…

any suggestions?

you using the colourband blend with flip xy like X has it up there??

Yes, but neither the blend texture nor the xy button do any effect. The only trick seems to be the 106 in the seed button… :frowning:

here, the blend x gave was a little off center. the blend texture needs to have the actual strand of color at dead center, and the contrl points closest to the center point need to be extremly close, so use the plus key, or minus key of your numpad to zoom in and out in the buttons window.

you can use the x shaped preview cheker box beiond the preview to line those up.

here’s what you need:

Ahhhh… Thank you.

I am a total colorband n00b, so I had to play a little. HaloTex must be on of course, add must be set to 1.000, and, the ‘Mul’ button must be clicked. Why? dunno. Anyway, thanks a lot.

small test:

*dittohead poops out a link…

oh hey, working with colorbands and such is just the best way to archieve this effect. it’s the same i used in MF. the difference is, that i used 2 halo objects, one for the glow and one for the horizontal line. but just use dittohead’s and x-w’s technique, i think that would be better.

gotta luv widescreen lensflares :wink:


:o I´m not worthy! :o
I surely do love them! Your film is a perfect example. That´s actually why I also want that :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Dittohead and X-Warrior: Thank you for link/example !

But I still have a problem: :smiley:

When the halo disappears behind an object, the lines should not be seen.
But they do:

Do I have to use IPOs?

got the same problem here…

What you should do is this:

Don’t activate the “Lens Flare” effect (the big Flare button in the material window) on the object that have the line…so the line will not appear when behind an object. Just add another object and add a material to it with the flare option ON…that should fix the problem i think…

if you need anymore help just ask :smiley: