Realistic head attempt

Hi, I’m trying to model a head and I aim for realism. Also I would like to catch the likenes of reference, but I’m far from that. At the firs place I want it as relistic as my skills allow me (or maybe even a little bit more :-)). Any C&C warmly welcomed.

and reference:

The modeling is looking good. You are on the right track as far as the face goes. I would look closer at her nose and mouth. Remember, if you’re going for realism, the face is not perfectly symmetrical. There is going to be some variance between the left and right sides.

Also, how real it will end up looking depends on your lighting and skin textures. It’s the blemishes and “flaws” in a face that helps with the realism.

Thank you for your comment dleri. I agree with everything you wrote, texturse, shader, inperfections - that all will come eventually, but first thinks first so I need finished model. If I look at some models of very experienced artists, I see they look very alive, believable. I think there is lot to do on my model before I turn off mirror modifier but I’m running out of ideas of what to improve

I don’t think you need to improve anything as far as your modeling goes. I feel you’re pretty much done with that. I would suggest moving on to rigging your model if you want to put some life into it. It will give you a way to add character to your model and will help you to see where you may need corrections.

It’s the rigging, texturing, and lighting that are going to make your model come to life.

If you want a challenge then start sculpting the face with either Blender or Zbrush. That’s another way of adding life to your head, but for the most part you can apply the mirror modifier and move on to rigging. Just be sure to save a backup .blend file of your progress so far without the mirror modifier applied.