Realistic head

I’m trying to make realistic head in Blender. Modelling is almost done, I think. Skin shader still need some work - I have to make better bump map, and work a little with hair.

The nose is too bulbus

yeah, everything I saw you noticed…It does look pretty good tho…

I tried using particle hair recently. Its very cool. You need to adjust the specular on the particle materials though. Keep it up and let me see the mesh ok? =)

dont u think the eybrows could be a bit more dense?

the lip texture isn really that nice.The creases look abit weird.And the material looks like ballon.But great modelling mayn!:smiley:

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:
I’ve made some improvements.

And here is wire:

Great one! You’ve got skill. :wink:
He does look a bit female to me. Must be the eyelashes…

Yeah, I have long eyelashes too :slight_smile:

So you modeled yourself?
Oops… sorry to have insulted you :rolleyes:

No problem :slight_smile: Actually the model is little bit more pretty than me.

That just means less manly.

the eyebrows need work,

good job!

As you’re going for a more realistic appearance, I would suggest two things:

  • Skin shader needs work. Lips too ‘hard’ in terms of shininess. This gives it a really plastic look.
  • Eyes could do with some life.


Eyes have the stares! Scary dude. Very good though, once you nail down the eyes to a more natural look the overall feel will improve.

I think the hair looks kinda burned. Otherwise, great modeling skills!

(edit) sorry, singed is the word I was looking for.

P.S. I really like the redness on the ears. Looks real.