realistic head

This is my first realistic looking head, so go easy on me. :wink:

some wires:

its a good start for your first head, it is your first head yes? my crits would be you need to work on the nose and eyebrow area jus keep workin at it :wink: keep up the nice work mate.


Good start!
I think the eyebrows could be more defined. You seem to have a problem with proportions the side view looks odd. The head is stretched too far back and the neck is too wide.

@musk: The proportions problem is actually caused by the fact that my reference was tilting his head back some, so the whole head is looking up slightly.


the mouth looks just a tad to narrow

Worked with the mouth and eyes some.

I think he has a very long upper lip. :^)

I think the last render is a drastic improvement over the first picture.

Like what you have done to the chin and the cranium.

A few areas which might need some further work are the ridge of the nose which looks to sharp, the nostril to upper lip blend, the philtrum, the lower lids of the eyes, maybe indicate the small folds from the lower lip’s sides. Just my humble opinion as I could not even do it half as good.

@Blendfred: Thanks for the input. Just one question: what is a philtrum?

It’s getting pretty good there, but there are still a couple things. Like the corners of the mouth, where the lips fold, need to funnel in a bit. If you get your finger and rest it on the corner of your mouth–with your mouth closed–you’ll feel what I mean.

I think your main problem is the eyelids–though I haven’t seen a wireframe in a while. Right now they’re just taut ovals, when they’re actually two separate flaps that slightly overlap each other. And once again, take a look in a mirror, or feel around your eye. There’s a softer bit of flesh up top, which is where the slack for the upper eyelid goes when you aren’t using it. Also, there’s usually a crease of some type, just before the upper eyelid, which comes from the eyelid folding up while it’s open.

To be honest, though, I should just stop talking at this stage, and get you a picture, which is worth a thousand words; I’ve only used 94 of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, anyway. Faces are hard to make, so good job so far.

still working on the eyes

and a wireframe

can we get a side view? try to make the nose a bit smoother as it looks too sharp to me. i also recommend you heavily this link. There are head modeling tutorials called ‘Organig Modeling’ by Eric Maslowski. There he shows the whole process from setting up the reference up to modelling and texturing your head. Thats the one i ve started my modelling career :wink:

keep the good work on :wink:

side view:

looking better every update! I think you should push back the chin a little. It’s almost in front of the nose. Keep it up.