Realistic head

Sculpted and textured in Zbrush, retopology and render in Blender

Looking for feedback:)

OK! Looks great so far! :slight_smile: a couple of things though, I think the head is a bit too streched, and also I think the ears could come out slightly more! :wink: Skin textures look great though :smiley:

Really good job on the skin! Did you use spotlight and projection paint or do everything by hand?

As for the sculpt: As mentioned above, the ears could definitely use some work, since they’re barely visible. The nose looks a bit too triangular(might in part be due to the lighting, however), you should define the nostrils a bit more. I also can’t really see any cheekbones at all. Those are usually a little more pronounced. You could also work on the eyes some more, they look a bit flat.

I’m by no means a master sculptor, however, so take the above suggestions with a grain of salt :wink:

I hope that was of some help.

Thanks guys:) yeah starting to notice all those parts that where missing now:P I tried doing it by hand but it needs som work, so I used projecting painting, far from perfect.

I will definitely take your critiques to consideration;)

It looks really good though, nice realistic skin shader! :smiley: can’t wait to see updates! :wink: