Realistic Human Attempt

I decided to sculpt a human face. This is my first attempt at creating a realistic face with different texture maps for bump, reflection, etc. The eyes are procedural. I was tempted to model the remaining torso; but decided to try and finish the face and post it here otherwise i would probably overwork it and never finish it.

I sculpted the head first and then manually retopologised it.

I used actor Charlie Hunnam as a reference although they only fleetingly look alike.
This has been a valuable learning exercise for me and i know what i need to do better next time.


Amazing! Love the realism and the SSS.
The position of the lips kinda bother me, other than that astonishing!

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thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: i agree with you on the lips, i will need to pay closer attention to them for the next character i intend to make

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Aight, love it.
Followed you. id love to see your progress ^^

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thank you my friend; i will follow you back as well