Realistic human face texture

hey people :slight_smile: I am working on getting a face texture to look right… all crits are welcome :slight_smile:
(click for high res)

he needs some sub surface scattering to look more translucent. a low setting will do. too high a setting will make him look like wax.

oops… I completely forgot to turn sss back on after some test renders… there are epidermal and subdermal maps. Here is the same image but with sss turned on…
(click for high res)

also here is the main difuse texture that I am using.

I see a couple of issues with the lips texture. it seems to extend too far over the edges of the lips, and it seems a little bit orange-ish.

This is one of the best tutorials I’ve some across for creating skin textures.
Gimme Some Skin
It’s written to not be application specific, so you will have to know your way around blender to apply the materials.
Here are a couple ways to create an eye as well:
Eye tutorial 1
Noob to pro eye tutorial

It’s hard to tell from straight on but it looks like you could make the cheek bones more pronounced and maybe bring in the cheeks near the mouth. Right now it looks sort of flat from his eyes down his cheeks towards his mouth. Texture looks pretty legit though!

There’s someetihng off about his mouth, either the lips are to big or they’re pursed or something… Idkk his nose and chin is a bit to pale IMO but otherwise great work!

thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile: I have allot of travelling to do today (driving from houston to elpaso)… but I will work on it when I am back at my girlfriends house.