Realistic Human Rig Project Ready

Hi guys, For those of you who have not read my previous posts, I am developing a Character Rig which is aimed to animate realistic humanoids. Well, the main point is that with this rig and a proper vertex painting there is no need for shape keys anymore. The Rig can achieve quite extreme poses with excellent deformation by making use of different bone constraints. It´ll released under GNU License.

Well I´m almost done with it, today I started the Face rig, so I think I´ll be finishing it by next week.

Those are the good news. Now, can anyone give me some piece of advice on web page hosts?? Cause I´ve been looking all around the web and I couldn´t find any Free hosting service that was reasonable.


Sorry I meant hosting for my own personal webpage, not just for the file.

Here in France, you often have a small web space provided with your web acces, but it is 50 or 100 MB only, often not enough for a site showing pictures and videos.
Other than that, I don’t know a free web hoster.
For my own I’m hosted at It is in Canada.
I live in France, but here most web hosting offers are very expensives with poor services.
I’m very happy of my Bronze plan at It is cheap and I have a huge disk space and bandwidth. For the best price you have to purchase two years in advance, but it is worth it. At least compared to the offers here in France. Maybe it’s different in your country… You can give a look at their page and see by yourself.

What do you mean by “reasonable”?

There are tons of free hosting sites, if you mean “without ads” as reasonable, I doubt you’ll find many / any.