Realistic Human skin help

Hi, I’m doing a character and I will like to know how to create realistic human skin on the model(like final fantasy XIII standard). Being using google to find the texture but to no good…:frowning: and I tried to look at online tutorial but those tutorials seem to use adobe paintshop or something like that…(I’m using…because its free:D) so is there any good references you guys can recommend to me like where to get the texture or using to create the realistic skin…please…:eyebrowlift:

it’s a difficult task
depends on the level of resolution you need

but the first thing is to use the SSS feature to gie some translucent effect to the skin

but then you may to apply several layer of mapping for the different texture of the skin!

hope it helps

You can use projection painting and pictures of real people to get a skin texture map right in Blender. Check this video tutorial:

Of course, you’ll need to use sensible material settings like SSS, etc., as well.

you can also go to the material repository for blender material

there several skin material there that you can use including one with SSS !

hope it helps