Realistic Landscape

(Haunted-House) #1

Here’s a render of landcape:

It uses a VERY large texture and is VERY high mesh density, only took a few seconds to render though.
All comments are welcome.

(blengine) #2

looks very very good… im not too sure i would say realistic though =
theres no atmosphere in the sky…and maybe add some world ambient lighting to the entire scene to give that landscape haze feeling…
the mountains also just seem to stop in the back.though it could just turn into a plane behind them, i get the feeling of falling off the world :slight_smile:

i love the texture, sun and slight fog youve added

(Haunted-House) #3

Okay a updated the render, I changed the world color and added a sky.
Now the colors seem more balanced.
What do you think?

btw when I wrote “realistic” I meant “non-cartoonish” not “photo-realistic”

(Switchblade) #4

Hey man, that’s pretty nice. If you are going for some more realism I would suggest some vegetation on the lower reaches of the first mountain… maybe some crags, and cliffs… just a change in texture from the grassy green to a grey rock, or some granite.


(blengine) #5

awesome! great update…yay i cant fall off the world anymore :wink:
switchblade has some nice suggestions too

(joecool) #6

yeah falling off the world is a pain :wink:
nice render! I like it.

(S68) #7

Really nice,

IMHO it is a bit too uniform in texturing, it might be improved making the steepest sites more roky and the less steepy more grassy…


(Haunted-House) #8

Yeah, you’re right switchblade.
I updated it again with a nice lake at the foot of the mountains.

(The_Enigma) #9

Hey I’m new to these forums, but not to Blender. my one recommendation for this lovely pic is about the lake. At the top edge it looks (from the camera’s perspective) that the lake stops to early. It seems that there are parts of the land furthur in that are lower than the water level and should therefore be coverd in water.

Otherwise a great pic! :smiley: whish I could do renders like that!