Realistic landscape

I wish to create realistic landscape. Here is some of my latest works.Can u suggest me sth?

nice :smiley:
can i see a image of the image in blender? in wireframe or solid mode or what ever thanks

Do anyone knows how to make mountains in air perspective (the subjects which are far are not so much visible and blue)?

Nice material! Is that UV Mapped or Procedural? Can you share the settings?
About the mountains: Try using a procedural blend to mask the mountains and add the bluish color.

Thnx. I didn’ use procedural and not UV mapping. I used combination of normal texture and texture in blender. I dont know maybe mapzone has procedural mapping? I created first in mapzone the basic texture (it can be actualy very small size-128 resolution, no need to use 1024 resolution). Then I used Gimp and two tools: first texturizer and then resynthesizer and add a bit seamlesness. The resolution of this final image must be big 1024. Then you go to Blender and add this texture to terrain (usualy not with UV), then i used another a bit brownish cloud texture and put it on the rocks. Optionaly u can add also to first texture a bit Nor and Alpha if neded. Of course Light is also important. Try with 3 lights only. One should be sun or spot (but very low- adjust it) others can be lamps.

That’s quite good ! However textures seem a little low-res…

Could I get a bigger view of the green rockland in your portofolio? And good job btw :slight_smile:

Thnx musk for ur hint. I actually add a new material and blue texture to a part at behind and blend it with old i i got this. I think much bettter :slight_smile: right? I also added two new options Alpha and Stencil.

slightly blue

more blue

James, green rocland is not rockland, but its render of one of my previous project Euglena. :wink:

wow, thats good. but how do you get a certial part colored and the other parts not? I am new to blender (and am just now getting the grass down :D) and i like to make landscapes.

btw, thanks for the pics i asked for! how do you do it? I mean, well, how do you get the ground like that?

Looks okay so far, I have a thread in tests that show that slope detection can be done in the node editor, and I think slope detection could be useful here.

JesusFRK, Go to this tutorial and it will be clear to u. I mean u can In Blender use different materials in same mesh.

thanks! that helps a lot.

oh, where did you get the textures?

sweet did not know how to do that i was kinda wondering how that worked now i know and it only took 5 mins to get a good explanation thanks a lot!

Jesus FRK-I created textures with Mapzone (freeware the best texturing ever, for me!) and then i used texturizer and resynthesizer plugins for Gimp. U must download both- go to Blendernation and type there and u will find links to this plugins. Happy creating.

I found out also, that Node editor mapping function, can be very good in creating this. I will post this here soon. Enjoy!

In node editor u can make miracles, indeed! How i made it read on my web page, please!

this is with the use of Vector mapping in Node editor (background its not a photo even if it looks realistic!!)

and u can also do this with RGB colors: