realistic light with blender internal ?

Hi , is it posible to achieve a realistic look with only blender internal lights ?

I know the 3 point technique, i’ve readen the texturing and lighting book by jeremy birn , i know how to use yafray , and indigo , i also know the pseudo global ilumination technic with a semisphere and spotlights ,

But how can i achieve a realistic look with blender internal , those soft shadows.
i mean something like this

i’m not talking about the map uv and id mask ,i only put this link as a example of nice soft shadows

Area lights and AO.

EDIT: Or radiosity. That’s another good one.

Yeah, soft shadows can be achieved with Spots or Arealights. AO helps a good deal to give something the final, realistic look but you should not overdo it. Or even better, if you really know the method of using spots for faking AO, then you should try that as well. Just make sure that these spots do not cast shadows and just use the dome as a final addition to an already exisiting lighting rig. And as it seems, you know plenty about how to set up a good lighting already…