realistic lighting in game

is there any way to make realistic sahdows in blender game because right now the lighting prety much scuks.:frowning:

Whats sahdows and lgihting ?

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Light setup is a complex artistic and technical task. There is no “realistic” light option. You need to play around with materials, lamps and scene composition to find a satisfying look.

What is realistic? Realistic is not an absoloute value, you cannot write code that says:

if myGame == realistic:
    print("I win")
    money += $20,000
    fame += 1
    print("Try again")
    time -= 100hours
    motivation -= 1

Realistic is so complicated that it cannot ever be truly present in a computer game. If you want realism, go outside and play basketball.

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There are, however many things you can do to make it “more” realistic

Textures is a big one, good, UV textured models can be made to look excellent. Vertex painting can emulate static lighting (ie fixed lamps and ambient occlusion) with less processing, freeing up processor for GLSL filters, which then allow lens-flares, bloom, or proper AO on a few objects.

Your examples are in real life, if you are looking for a specific effect or lighting-style, then go take a photo, and analyse it. See how a red object perpendicular to a white object leaves the white object a little red? How the light bends as it passes through water, how there is a subtle reflection on everything? To achieve good lighting you must figure out what makes a real scene look so much “realer” than a game. Then you’ve got to get it to run real-time.

The moral of the story:
Make a plan, there is no “this is how to do it” It depends on the style of game, the desired effect and much more.

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gwartney18> lighting is one of the most difficult things to get right within a game. If you look on forums like Polycount you will find many a discussion about this topic. My advice? Google is your best friend. But to get you started (a little old but…)

I got some experience on this so here is what I think:

First check your skills, work hard and use many references.
Second, you must understand how lighting should be set up.
Three, you need to know what are you doing(realistic materials and textures are a hard task)
Four, Blender isn’t capable of decent lighting. ( no multiple light sources support, nor realtime shadows,or post processing FX ( you woud need a Mega PC))

You also can think of alternate ways on creating atmosphere. This is a nice tutorial by OTO showing a simple way to light your models even without lights.

I do not know how well this works with GLSL

But it also pays to be creative: although not dynamic, bake shadows and lighting setups.

And I dare you to say Blender has inferior lighting after looking at the stuff Martinsh does. And do not forget the new Blender branches that are updating the lighting…

realistic lighting is a complex task for any media. Thats why there are dedicated lighting artists for commercial games. Fancy game engines has an indoors/outdoors lighting setup done as default thats why when you import models to CryEngine or UDK they look much better than in Blender.
In Blender you have to do all of that manually right now.
I will try to change that in near future.

Its workable, on my video you can see that the shadows have a better quality, and look usually better than the shadows that some other blender games have, that is because I have a build that have alpha shadow and soft shadows on it, and if you compare the difference on this images you ll see the difference.

But with the new build that martinsh is making bge ll have some new cool graphic feature it ll be great!


Cant wait for that!

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