Realistic looking scene? You decide!

Over at, I found a tutorial on making a realistic scene(probibly with Max). I wanted to see if I could make a good or better one with Blender. Here are the results.

YafRay(no GI):

Blender(With AO):

Wadda’ think?

did you mean photorealistic ? coz if so then no id say it’s not realistic but as a general layout yeah sure. Theres something odd about where the two walls meet though not sure what sadly and the seams on the barrels are too prominent. The overall feel for me personally is a scene from a game rather than a scene from the real world but this is only my opinion. I’m no expert and its still better than I could do with my current skill level and amount of spare time

Photo relalistic? no…i can see thats its nt real and a 3d modled thingy, but that doesnt matter man, its looks awsom! i really like it, really nice modles (barrals especaily) and texturing, only flaw in textures i can see is where the 2 walls meet, its just sorta stops really sharply, but still, thats looks damn good man, thumbs up to ya. :smiley:

Not realistic man.

Its more of the game type graphics. It would have to be better if you were after photorealism

Not realistic…

The barrels ribs look too pointy as they sweep out from the cylindar, the wall interaction needs work as the others have said, and the lighting just doesn’t have that RL feel just yet. Overall great attempt though, keep working on it.

I can’t see the AO effect in the second picture, which would make it a little more realistic. But there’s still a long way to go to make it photorealistic.

I agree whit the majority here, when I say neither looks realistic. You have a long way ahead, if you want to get this pic in that point.

Take a closer look at 3D-Totals site… And remake it. This doesn’t look realistic!

realistic…not even close
bricks are a simple texture, u need to model every of them, textures from boxes are bigger thn they should be

Henrymop: Take a look in your backgard how it looks. Try to copy that look. Take a camera and take some photos and make textures.

And yes you have to leave your room and walk outside in the real world :smiley:

EDIT: Just saw the tutorial on 3dtotal. I must say that your source is pretty bad. Worst tutorial I´ve ever seen. Not the worst but pretty bad tutorial.

I think you exaggarate a bit Bigbad, the tutorial is just miss leading if anything.

Not really realistic. Most obvious thing is that the brick wall looks obviously tojust be a texture, not individual bricks.

I dont think so. The tutorial went like this:

Two boxes and two cylinders. With a little bevelling. Slap on “realistic” textures and adda point light with sharp raytraced shadow. And now the finishing touch. FOG! Come on. That pretty bad tutorial.

well, we COULD spend days arguing about this, I’m sure.
Sure, I didn’t read the whole thing, but despite the tutorial head line and the over usage of world realistic, even my limited know how of 3D said it was pretty basic tutorial. Hence I say it was more of miss leading.

But then again it could as well be said that it IS a bad tutroal because it is miss leading, thus it leads noobs to believe, that making realistic scenes is simple as that.

I just bagged myself. I saved you from the trouble. :smiley:

Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought. When the tutorial said “realistic”, I said,“Heck, I could do MUCH better than that.” But I was wrong. I agree with all of you, my scene isn’t very real, but I knida like it. I just messed it around until I got something I though was interesting. I’ll play around with it until it does look real. Thanks for the C&C.

No. But you have the “right stuff”.

In my opinion, it is mainly the lighting. When it comes to 3D rendering, Lighting is everything. I’d experiment with YafRay, if I were you. You’ll be amazed that lighting can make or break a rendering.

Also, the flooring texture looks too fake and the brick wall is good, but the seam where it corner is, is too linear, no jagged edges can be seen where the mortar joints are.

----Yeah, agree with that…and the joints of the walls and the floor…and the unreal perspective of the bricks…which shows clearly that was a textured plane with an overall image of painted bricks instead of real bricks put together…

----Anyway I think that the results, being quite far from perfect are not really that bad…just an opinion…