Realistic Male Face Model

Hi guys, as the title says I am currently working on a realistic face. What I have now is the pretty completed model with some detail normals applied. Everything is flexible for change. And I have to give credit to Jonathan Williamson on blendercookie for his awesome tutorial.

Critiques are welcome

I think you’ve got the structure to approach realism but it doesn’t quite look realistic yet, if that’s your goal.
all the proportions look good, and the ear looks especially nice. The lack of creases, wrinkles around the nasolabial folds, eyes or mouth corners keep it looking like a stylized cartoon/ comic human. Which, if that were the goal I’d say you hit it right on. It’s a solid looking model for the most part. Are those sub surf triangle problems on the top lip near the nasolabial fold and near the jawline? Those look like problems rather than pores.

Thanks Sonofwitz. I think I may be going for the “believable” stylized look, if that makes sense. It looks like those “triangle problems” are poorly generated normals during the baking process. I’m going to play with the sculpting some more. I’m not sure I like the details quite yet.