Realistic Materials via video texture & displacement

so, i just played through “Half Life - Lost Coast” which is a commented showcase for the source engine. right at the beginning they say that they render 3 passes to composite the water (1 normal, 1 transparent, 1 reflection). these are than displaced with the water normal map. is this possible with videotexture in bge? and how do i make low-res (128*128) videotextures?

What do you mean by ‘displaced’? The normal map would probably just be an image in the BGE; same thing with the transparent pass. The reflection ‘pass’ would be another image that’s swapped out via the bge.texture (VideoTexture) module. You can change the resolution of the texture by changing the source’s size property. Note that you can make it small or large, but you might run into issues if you try to make the texture larger than the viewport (though that might only be for viewport textures, not for reflections).