realistic model WIP

I know this isn’t the most original subject matter, but I had good front/side shots lying around for reference. I started this yesterday. let me know what you think so far. I haven’t done any modeling in a while, so i’m kinda rusty at it



From that pose you could model the torso, but modeling the arms and legs is not very appropriate.
Also I’ve noticed that you don’t use Mirror modifier. The model is quite symmetric in front view so it’s better to use it. Once completing the torso you could add asymmetric features.

I’m pretty new at this, but it looks like you’ve got good loop formation from where I’m sitting :).

It would be difficult to model the lower arms and from the waist down from the pose that you’re using if you’re intending to animate, however, if you delete the right side (her right), duplicate what you have, and mirror on the centre line from the view point you posted, then you’re nearly done :).

Not sure how the mirror modifier works exactly, but you might be able to delete her right side (what little you have there), apply the modifier, then duplicate what you have then paste the nearly full mirrored torso and continue from there with the mirror modifier. Apart from the head, the rest of the model is pretty symmetrical. You could add a simple rig and use it to deform the mesh into the slightly leaning pose when you’re done.

I bet she’s looking pretty good subsurfed and smoothed ;).