Realistic Modeling Progress

This is a my start in realistic modeling.


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A concept to built a 3D Female Figure


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This is my recent work in realistic. I have to do more to look more realistic but still then…


I am starting for the most realistic modeling and want to distribute the source file to the people who wants to test it for the muscle simulations and realistic animation. And for that I need to study more on real nude human models which in my early student life I did, but that time those studied was for paintings and light & shade not for the mesh. I did stude for the volume but to make realistic models in CG I feel that, I have to do a new kind of study for the mesh in real human.
here is a CG sketch of my skill…

Recently working on Lowpoly modeling for an Illustration House who want to make games latter on and the model I built will now print for the story of the game in a magazine

this is an approch…

Please u people say what u think of this type of modeling



This is a digital painting in Photoshop.


Opening this thread after a very long time

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Have you done any work in Blender in that long time? Why bump the thread if nothing’s new?

pretty cool stuff XD

how do you get the wireframe to hug and make curves on the model?

When subsurf is turned on, on the subsurf panel, there’s a little circle. Click that.