Realistic Modeling

This is to put an impression of realistic modeling and to join with their concept and very strong skill on modeling. Modelers can join with their work and skill by submitting their best skill of work in this thread


Oh, cool. Nice idea. here’s mine.

Thank u. This is what I want that everybody contribute in this thread so that more and more strong modelers can have help from here and reconstract them from others. Here, in this thread has no ego to critisize others, as I feel, to critisize others is a positive sign to go ahead. So anyone can say here (bad or good) to others work.
But I also want, that everyone should teach others and give their best tips and steps, so that others can get help from it.

thank u. B friend.

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this is about modeling, which I moved to the correct forum -> Support -> Modeling

Here is a screengrab of hand I am modelling for work.

This is so good and i want more from u, the other dimentions. i will more helpful if u show the mesh structure
thank u to help others. its really a good work

I am starting for the most realistic modeling and want to distribute the source file to the people who wants to test it for the muscle simulations and realistic animation. And for that I need to study more on real nude human models which in my early student life I did, but that time those studied was for paintings and light & shade not for the mesh. I did stude for the volume but to make realistic models in CG I feel that, I have to do a new kind of study for the mesh in real human.
here is a CG sketch of my skill.


This is some lowpoly work for a game house who want to print it first in a magazine on a story of the game…



This is with photoshop