Realistic Nature

Realistic Nature Wallpaper :evilgrin:


yes i think it does, looks like a mr price tutorial :smiley: it reminds me of the old windows xp desktop background…

yes a new windows xp desktop wallpaper :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks Cool.

Thank you :smiley:

Sweet! Looks really good! I got this result from an Andrew Price tutorial.


nice , but whats there in front of the left mountain
it looks as a mesh object which looks awkward

Yeah, I was playing around with adding a castle, but I didn’t play with it long enough to make something of it. But I liked this grass better than my original picture I made from the tutorial.

it’s very pretty!

It’s close , but I’ve got to say not. First off, grass has layers. to make it more realistic, add a smaller layer of “fuzz”, moss, or smaller grass in areas where the black is very visible. Also the flowers look plasitc. Other than that, great job!