Realistic ocean wave

Today I’ve finished creating an animated water wave from scratch (without any modifiers), Using allot of ipoed shape keys. Why is this special than any other wave script? Basically it’s not a “water flow”, It’s like a wave which you can surf on, And it’s tileable.

It’s not yet textured, just a plain material with transparency, I can texture it like any other water (diffuse, normal, DUDv, … etc). But what I want exactly is setting the color depending on face normal angle (I know that it’s possible using nodes but I’m still beginner to node setups).

So, tell me what you think about it :smiley:

EDIT: remade it using multiple displacement maps baked into shape keys (by exporting and reinporting in .mdd format).


This wave moves very fast for me, is it a problem with my blender, or is it animated like this? It is more of a cartoonish movement than a realistic one.

Probably it was lagging on my pc when I created it, Go to dopesheet -> shapekey editor -> frame 0 -> and then resize it up. about looking cartoony, because it’s not yet textured (textures will make a big difference), and also needs ripples (can be done with animated ripples on billboards or by a particle system).

Remade with multiple animated displacement maps baked into shape keys (by reimporting in .mdd format)
Now with allot cleaner waves
realistic water flow
realistic water material (thanks to martnish’s water shader)
a ripple particle system which puts an amazing touch to the tidal waves.


Great progress. Two things that might improve it, the foam becoming increasingly visible as the wave develops and also, rather than a flat face to the wave, a concave face. I’m guessing you are already considering these anyway.

…you might also want to check the sync as I left it running for 5 mins and the animations drifted.