Realistic Oceans and Clouds [How?]

I’ve been experimenting with the Cloud Generator in 2.5 and a few questions/problems have popped-up (I’m not really clued-up on particles too much so bear with me):

A) How can I apply a texture to the cloud or change the color. And also, is it possible to apply a transparency map via a B&W or procedural texture? This could be very helpful in the creativity scope of this generator.

B) I am looking for a way to create clouds via particles that would have a similar look like this:

What would be the best approach. I don’t mind if it is a very loooong or complicated process. I was thinking of creating and rendering the clouds seperate and then pp them into the background of my scene. Instead of using the cloud generator I was thinking of using smoke? It could bring about a more whispy effect.

I’m looking for a 3D solution - no photographic skies.


I’ve looked through a number of tutorials and guides on creating water/sea scapes. Some are quite reasonable but are there a few that is particularly detailed and results in some pretty realistic scenes? I need some more- in-depth guides or tutorials - if there are any. What about using the fluid sim as a base to create a mesh and then bake a the normal map.

How would you approach a supperrealistic sea or waterscape?

I am looking to creating still images so no animation factors need to be involved.

Thank you for your time!

for the ocean

a blender built with the ocean sim. with the right settings you can also make a lake or something.

look on youtube for a good tutoral for the ocean simulator

Thanks! Wow, I didn’t know about that project. They definately have my financial support. :slight_smile:

Now if someone could maybe advice me on cloud rendering I might be well on my way :slight_smile:

you can use the built in cloud generator to create your clouds. Check out BlenderGuru’s tutorial on how to do this here: