Realistic planet tutorial

“Realistic planet in Blender” tutorial; I know I promised this one many time ago, but at least here it is… :slight_smile: English Italiano

Feedback will be very appreciated.


Thanks Env :smiley: , Just what I need at the moment for an anim I am working on.

Great work :o


nice render 8)

btw, look there is my house lol

wow, thankyou so much.

this tutorial rulez, thanx!!!


Hey that rules. Thanks! One thing,…it could use one of those m@dcow style halos for the atmosphere.
<edit> oops never mind i see you included that in the tut too! :expressionless: :smiley:

Env, you rock ! :smiley:
I’ll try this out tonight, but from what I read it looks very clear and easy to follow and has great results - what more do you want ?

Long awaited and well worth it. Thanks!

Very nice tutorial.

Just did a quick read through, I noticed you use the word “freshnel”. Is this Italian for fresnel? :slight_smile:

I noticed on your Earth render a fair amount of aliasing at the top.
Was it rendered at the max OSA?

Thanks for explaining all the details of texturing and using stencil.
This should really help in my future Blender work.

Just curious what your next project is?

I wish you did this tute a few days sooner :wink: It would spare much time for me with labouring. But thanx.

Thanks all for feedback, guys. :smiley:
JarellSmith: ehm… no, freshnel is not the Italian for fresnel, probably I made an awful mistake in spelling (going to fix this in the future).
It was rendered at 16 OSA, with Gauss button enabled, raytracing and Unified render too, but still I have aliasing artifact somewhere! :< But it wasn’t 2.32 version, I did it in 2.31a; didn’t try to render it again in new version yet.
My next projects are: finishing “Blending with Dinosaurs”; I’m currently still working on the animatic for the trailer… then, I’m preparing a tut on the working flow between Blender, Gimp and Wings3d for a new character, the Lionghoul, but it will take a lot of time to be completed.


Great Tut Env You make an very useful materials for blender users.

Great work, Env! Very enlighting!

WOW thats awesome!! great walk through, relly detail! :smiley:

this was really useful to me as a newbie to both 3d and therefore Blender. What it was more useful for to me was understanding texturing. I was really confused by texturing and this while not explaining everything has really helped to get some concepts into my head like multiple objects used for layed textures for clouds n stuff and using multiple textures on one object. Excellent.

Your topic is just in time. Do you remember the best game ever?

I’m working on demo based on kicking ass Frontier II Elite intro (music theme rocks). It’ll be modern remake of this kult title :).

Nice job man!


Avesome job! :o

You saved me several moths of work /star ship starting sequence with flight trought all layers of planet atmosphere/.