Realistic Portrait (Blender/Zbrush)

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I am working on a realistic portrait. I am sculpting it in zbrush and I will texture and render it in Blender.
My reference is the actress Kaya Scodelario. I am trying to catch the likeness, that is the main difficulty I met for the moment. I am not sure you can easily recognize her for the moment… I am working on that.
Sculpt in zbrush (still in progress) :

Texture test (just a preview, I will remake all textures when the sculpt will be finished)

What do you think about this start ? Any tip to improve the likeness ?
Thanks :wink:



Looks really good so far. The proportion of the jaw and neck look like they need to be made a bit larger. I like to do likeness sculpts myself so I know how difficult it can be. Have you added temporary hair? I find it hepls to catch the likeness. I also like to zoom way out on the figure ( so it looks distant ) and this helps a lot in looking t the overall likenes. Nice job so far.


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Thank you for your comment ! I tried to apply your advices.

New pictures :


(Quentin Le Duff) #4

Hi, I did a lot of changes to improve the likeness :slight_smile:
What do you think about these new pictures ?


(Outsidelane) #5

Keep going.
Also add some eyebrows; they change the look quite a bit.
Here my 2 cents.

PS: Likeness is a bitch, but you’re getting there - i knew who you were sculpting right away at least :+1:

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Hi, thank you very much for this very constructive reply. It helped me a lot :slight_smile:
New pictures… it is very difficult to catch the likeness but I think it is a bit better :


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Nice. What doesn’t work at this stage (in my opinion, please feel free to ignore it) is that your model is symmetric, whilst the real girl is pretty a-symmetric. She has her left eye higher than the right, her chin leans in the opposite direction and I think these irregularities are an important part of her, because they make her interesting and different from a standardized-boring-beauty, making her alive.
I attach an image to show what I mean (lines are slightly exagerated, but you get the idea.


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Thank you very much. I totally agree, she needs asymmetry. For the moment I think I can still improve my sculpt base. Then, when it will be really good I will add asymmetry.
New pictures :

Is it better ?
Edit : just a texture test


(Quentin Le Duff) #9

New improvements :


(Quentin Le Duff) #10

I did some new adjusments :


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New pictures. I know there is a problem with the ear. I will solve it when I will do the retopology.

What do you think about it ? :slight_smile: