Realistic portrait - HELP

I’m working on this portrait, she’s eventually going to get a haircut and the light and skin will be worked on further. But before that I would like to fix her eyes, she has got eyeballs and around it a transparent sphere to represent the lens. Problem is that the lens looks too much like glass and it darkens the eye and there’s an odd shadow on the eyeball. So she ends up looking like a doll instead of an actual person. In the screenshot you can see the lens material, anyone know how to fix it so it looks more like an actual eye and not a glass, doll eye?

If I figure out how to make this head look realistic I’ll write a detailed tutorial for future refrence. There’s surprsiningly few easy step by step tutorials on how to make a realistic face including description of all the materials and texture maps.


Thought I’d chime in concerning the eyes as have had the same frustration. I hate the problems that come up from the transparent surface overlapping the opaque one.
For the darkening problem you could try this: for the transparent part of your eye object go to Object Settings, Cycles Settings and turn off Ray Visibility for Shadows, Diffuse and possibly Glossy. This solves the problem for me but it may depend on other material settings etc so I am not promising anything:)

I use an eye setup that mostly avoids the overlapping, can share if you’re interested.

Keep up the good work.

I think this will help you