Realistic product template for aftermarket automotive manufacturer

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a talented freelancer who can help further the realism of our rendered aftermarket automotive product line.

I have a novice’s understanding of Blender and its capabilities, the models have already been created by our engineering department. All I will really need is someone more experienced than me to create realistic materials/textures and set up a better environment/lighting. I will then import the models and render the images i need.

Materials: (real photography examples linked below)

  • Black Glossy Powder Coat
  • Black Matte Powder Coat
  • Yellow Zinc
  • White Zinc
  • Chrome
  • Black Plastic
  • Black Rubber


  • Whatever is needed to create realistic reflections/shadows
  • The black powder coat product should still be well lit. this is a struggle i have with real world photography as well
  • A transparent background is needed so when saved as a PNG only the product is visible

I have already tried a lot of the resources from material library websites, but I am not quite getting the desired results.

Photographs of all of the matierals, as well as an example and blend file of our current capabilities are located at the following dropbox location:

I assume starting from scratch would be a better idea that trying to fix my cobbled together blend file. I have also included the starting .stl files from engineering.

Thank you.

I believe I can do this. I’m creating a small sample file as we speak.

I’m making a small sample file, but before I actually commit, what’s the timeframe?

Thank you for your response. We would like to have the template and start working on internal implementation within two weeks. There is no hard set deadline, but i am postponing setting up new products to avoid having to recreate the images when the improved template is ready.

Hi this is the message I’ve sent you in pm
here an example of how it can be rendered let me know if you like it so I finish the other materials.

One question:
should the Carbide be applied to the Black Glossy Powder Coat? or the rubber?
Rubber picture looks the same as I mean by Black Glossy Powder Coat…
And silver vein should be on the Black Matte Powder Coat?
looking forward to your feedback

Oh, two weeks is no problem. Sending you a pm.

Thank you to all of those that have replied! An urgent project has come up at work so this blender improvement has been put on the back burner for a week or two. Don’t worry, i haven’t forgotten this and I look forward to reviewing all of the submissions.