Realistic real-time vegetation

I’ve made an attempt at creating realistic vegetation in real time. Critiques are of course appreciated.

The trees definitely need some more work, as the light scattering config (I still haven’t really worked it out).

If someone’s interested, I’m planning to make a tutorial out of it.

honestly I do not like the leaves of the tree …but everything else is good but not “amazing!”, sorry english :smiley:

I would disable light scattering completely. It looks like the viewer is on drugs ;).

Beside of that it looks quite fine.

But the planes (with the leaves) are still easy to spot. It does not disturb that much (at least in the images)

The contrast between the plants and the ground is a bit to strong. Usually the ground is a bit shady in this area.

I like the on drugs loook, mind you reminds me when I was in Amsterdam… hahaha love the trees love everything great work no crits post more pics :slight_smile: