Realistic Render In Cycles

I’ve set up some nodes in the shading editor, I have made a control, I added a texture node to give it some noise, but the overall render doesn’t give it a realistic feeling, it lacking that sense of a real object. What more would I need to add to my scene, or nodes, or render?

Thank you.

Hi! Here are a few things that come to my mind, I hope some of them can be useful…

  1. What about the lighting? That often makes a LOT of a realistic rendering. I’m really a beginner, but so far as I know, Cycles doesn’t work that well with point lamps, so I’d rather use emission surfaces (add a plane or whatever surface you want to use as a light source, then in the materials tab instead of Principled BSDF make it Emission). That should already give some improvements. I also heard that for the best results you should use HDR lightings. I really don’t know how to use them, but you should be able to find out more about them at

  2. Try playing around with the displacement as well: try assigning it a texture (adding a math multiply node in between is almost always mandatory in order to scale the effect)

  3. Try mixing shaders with a glass shader to get a lacquer effect, which is often present in real objects (see

As Marcello said you need to improve your lighting. Check some of Gleb Alexandrov’s tutorials about lighting. Blender Guru also made a series of tutorials about lighting lately.

Another important thing is reflections. You need to have something reflected on your geometry. You can use HDRi or simple area light(s) or geometry with Emission Shader.