Realistic render of Wine product

I did this project so I can argue with my colleague professional photographer, how Blender can be so powerful additional tool for us. All modeling and texturing is done in Blender except Funnel texture which I made using Substance Painter. Rendered with Cycles.


You even textured the label, no holding back :slight_smile:
I feel bad bringing this up, but even if the cork was from a different bottle, it would have alittle more shape to it from being stuck in the bottle… Guess it could be a promotion cork :wink:
Looks great, thanks for posting.

Hey thank you for your feedback. I agree with you. Cork I could have done better. Shape is not bothering me that much as much as text that doesn’t look very realistic to me. Btw it was a promotional cork :wink:

Also, grape shader could be better. Well there is always room for improvement, I’m still learning Blender :blush:

It has a really nice Photorealistic feel. Great work, @Coldloki.

Thank you :blush:

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Nice but not realistic.

What you find most unconvincing?

Glass I think. But it is not easy to do it in Cycles. I would difference roughness of lablel too.


Thanks for the feedback. I find Cork and grapes could have been done better. This is based on real photograph done by my friend professional photographer. I am also professional photographer and I wanted to discuss with him how far away we are from replacing our cameras with 3D software. Here is the picture from his website:


Oh, very good job :slight_smile: I would reccomend your friend to use more realistic shaders too :smiley: . It seems that it comes from posprocessing. I don’t know if you want to know my opinion byt I will share it with you.

My background also is photography and still working with camera but for 3d. IMO 3d has ended age of professional photography. Now, it is only humans, that are not cost effecitve to produce in 3d (talking about commertial branches not art). Matter of a few years. Cinema will defend a bit longer but photography is dead.

You can use Blender as well. There is nothing that would stopp 3d artist from getting full photorealism. You have used Cycles as renderer and Cycles need a lot of love when rendering glass and liquids. Try LuxCore (recommending this one as I have made short tutorial series about) or any other bidirectional path tracer and you will bring that on another level.


Thanks for sharing. I like to discuss and hear other people opinion. I agree with you. I would not say dead all together while I can still see where photography could be better choice. For example if client have a lot of different And unique products. Modeling all these would require huge amount of time.

Thanks for suggestion. Never used LuxCore but I will check your turorial. You picked my curiosity.

I still consider myself noob in Blender. I started 8 months ago. So I understand that my shaders aren’t that good and realistic :slight_smile:
But we learn everyday something new

Yeap, agree. Packshots are more effective when using photography. But not product photo for adds. Your shaders are absolutely fine! I wouldn’t do that better. I think you have reached Cycles limits. Consider using volume for glass and grapes, this is something that can add a bit. Dunno about lighting you used but you can make HDR photo of softbox and then use it as a soruce of the light in blender.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

I tried to imitate as much as possible lights from original photo. I know he used only two soft boxes for this shot. Or maybe he had also one light on the background. Couldn’t figure out from original was the light on the background coming from left side soft box. Hard to tell distance to the background.
I have HDR of studio as environment light but it’s set to 0.2 power just to add little play on reflections so they are not pure black.

Thank you :pray:t2:

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Use “image as a plane” with HDR on. It is not about environmet only. Imo there are only two sources of light.

Oh that’s very interesting suggestion. Never heard of that before. What would be the benefits? More controlled light direction?

Nah. You can just make HDR photo of the softbox so you will have exact representation of light distribution. Using this image as emission will allow you transfer this lighting from ream to virtual world. Try “blender light studio” addon. You have there a few hdr made this way

You’re #featured! :tada:

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Thank you :pray:t2:

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