Realistic render of Wine product

Uh…I think this is pretty good considering you’re trying to replicate glass and liquid. Not easy at all…so who won the argument???

Nice work!

I saw some videos about AI where you give it a starting shader and a target photo and it tweaks shader values before rendering and then does some post processing AI magic to give you a very nice result. The better your starting point is the more successful the AI is. Someday some program will have a slider named “make more photorealistic”.

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Are there any lighting exercises you would suggest for beginners to get a better understanding of how real photophers light their scenes? Even if I was 10x better than you at shaders I’d waste an eternity trying to setup good lighting and eventually give up.

Really realistic,cfaved it on instagram and just here too <3

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Love this work! We’re also coming from a professional photography background and we agree with the comments that photography is changed. But not only now. Already from 10 years if you just consider all the CGI car advertisement around.
For the glasses, I would suggest to give a look at Octane render, there’s a free version for Blender. It render glasses (with caustic and dispersion ) very fast and realistic compared to Cycles. But you loose the universal material shaders from Blender…


Ha! We agree that 3D is very close to professional studio photography but in some cases we still need to do manual work. Thank you

Don’t be hard on yourself. Mastering light in photography is something that is not an easy task. Look up on YouTube for studio lights examples or tutorials.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I will definitely try and do some experiments with Octane and LuxCore as @MikeZski suggested.

Basically every Bidirectional path tracer will do the job (so you have even wider choice). I have recommended LuxCore becaue I believe it will becone one day third Blender renderer.

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This is amazing! You should do a tutorial!!

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Super nice product render! PS Lovely label design, is that your own work or existing one?

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How did you get that nice green coming through on the edges, showing the thickness. There are two lights in the scene obviously, on the right and left. Two box lights I assume. But the highlights always end up being white when I try to replicate it. What is going on in the shader to achieve this? I’m using volume absorption with a principle shader.


Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do tutorial. But I am keeping that on mind :slight_smile:

It was the original design from the bottle 15 years ago. I think they don’t use it anymore. I just re-draw it in Illustrator based on original image :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comment. There is nothing special about shader. In the attachment I made a screen shot from it. That green that you marked is not coming from the fill light but from the key light on the left.


Lepo druže :slight_smile:

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I figured it out, it’s actually just reflection from the grapes. I should have known >.<


Apart the background everything is fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

What you don’t like about background? I tried to imitate as much as possible original photo.