Realistic Rendering of Skinn with A real Head model

Realistic Rendering with Sub Surface Scattering and Coefficiental multi layered Specular.

effects are multilayered Cross Processing, Pentagon Bokeh aka Lens Blur aka Depth of field,multilayered Vignetting ,Filmgrain,ImageGrain, Streak, Glare,Bloom, Rim lighting, Sky lighting and Global illumination

Head-Modeling and -texturing credits to
blender 2.49 was used with its internal rendering pipeline and the node system

here the High Resolutions (1920x1080)

comments are apreciated

Oh my, this is so realistic! Beautiful work and the first one’s a true badass!

I´ve looked at it yesterday and again today to just to be sure before I post =)

I don´t really like them for they don´t fit the title. I find the skinshader doesnt really look realistic in any of the images although its really good work.

IMO thats the problem. Effect overkill - well not overkill, they are pretty common, just a little overuse.
Although I relly like the final result and the golden-ish skin, reminds me on 300… however, not realistic - the fact that the head by now is a well known model (at least to me) might take it a bit wind out of the sails…

looked at it a third time, for some time… it is cool looking… but something really bugs me, can´t put the finger on it though… maybe tomorrw =)

I think it looks a little too glossy, it looks too plastic, not in the “default material” way, more like someone crafted it out of wax. Also why is light bleeding inside his nose? The shader should be tweaked to a more photorealistic result. As for the post-pro, I think it’s too noisy, and the edges of the human model seems to be quite aliased, maybe turn on full sampling if that comes from the compositor.

Yep, definitely to ‘glossy’. Independentsoul you should check this out:
There is event tutorial on the end, with much better results imo.
Sorry man but i give you 2 stars :confused:

Very nice ;), but looks like he has a little bit of “gold paint” over his head :stuck_out_tongue: