Realistic rendering

hello and good bye (I’m kidding:yes: )
*render time was about 5 hours :eek:

I want some critics about this :eyebrowlift2:


I tryed to upload a 2k version but the website through me an error I’ll upload it later on flickr

Door knob? Where is the door knob? That aside looks beautiful. How much of the outside is an image, and how much of it is modeling.

The main problem is that it’s very easy to see that the hole outside is just an image. I think modelling the tree and the grass will improve the scene a lot.

I like the feel, but the car feels odd, not quite “real.” don’t know what is exactly correct. Well, other then that is great.

looks pretty good, however I might like to see it brighter. It kinda has a very dull look right now. Also make sure to add the doorknob, and change the way how it looks like just a background image outside (cause thats what it is.)

my thoughts:
> the texture on the floor somehow does not look sharp enough, needs more detail/highlights
> the image outside needs to be brighter, or you need to use something else. There is no way that the deck should look that much brighter than the rest of the exterior scene.
> the toy car looks OK, but my first intuition is to say that the edges are too sharp/clean.
>yeah, add a doorknob.

What I would change a bit (If You don’t mind)

hello I added the knob as you ordered guys , and some bumbs …I’ll try to enhance this for the next time , I didnt expect that I’ll have this much feedbuck :yes:, any way thanks , I’ll see you next time,


by the way I’ll try to work with the compositing and bright it for you , on,e thing this scene is rendered in Cycles I cant do any much of the grass , the only thing I can do is modeling the tree

and I’ll remodel the car toy

The interior looks great, and I love the lighting/mood. Unfortunately as other posters said, the outside image is not convincing at all. The image resolution is obviously lower than the rest of the scene. There is some directional blur, maybe from camera movement. The shadow direction suggests that the house should be casting a shadow on the deck and grass. Finally the angle of the hill and the tree right in front of the door make me question the placement of the house.

The edge of the deck is too straight and regular, given how warped the boards are in the texture. Subdivide the plane and move the ends around. If you keep that tree right next to the deck, it would be pushing the boards up where they approach the roots.

You have too many things in your scene that’s confusing the viewer. Is your image about doorway and beyond, about the toy, or weathered door? Here is the image you might want to look at:

He is really cutting everything out of image to make the image clear and direct.

Ridix makes a very good point :slight_smile:

the thing which is most unrealistic is the background, good work on the light

It is almost never desirable to have either “blown-out whites” or “opaque shadows” in a composition. While it can be used as an artistic framing device, it presents a visual challenge to the eye that is often best avoided. “Very high contrast” images such as the subsequent example are one way to “make it work,” although even these teeter (in my eye) towards “visual schtick.”

If it’s not contributing to the shot, seriously consider cropping it out.

Also seriously look for things in the shot that do not “ring true.” For example, why in the heck is an “outdoor” shot so danged muted and desaturated? Why, it is almost visually identical to the door. That is one of the things that, even subliminally, cries out, “fake!”

(Fortunately, it may be quite easily corrected.)

°_° , I dont know what to say , there some really advance comments here , I looked for something simple and realistic , but at the moment I think its not that simple , thank you so much for the feedback , after seeing that I felt that I should end it but I wont give up
I’ll do my best to convince you (most of you)

I created the tree but as you notice it causes some artifact:mad: but I’ll try to fix it :eyebrowlift2:
and I hope this will end soon (I think I’ll get old to make this look good :eyebrowlift: I still have some sense of kidding Lol ) thank you


by the way when this thing ends I’ll do a Conclusion of things that I learned while making this render

How many defocus samples do you have? Make sure it’s 256 samples for the least artifacts.