Realistic Rendering

Im a noob in Blender and right now playing around with Cycles.
I tried to make a material looking like copper and made this:

I searching for a way to make it look more real,like lighting or something ? Im using Blender 2.64
Surface is Glossy,Sharp,Roughness 0.640
I think it looks a bit comicstyle,since it uses mainly 2 colours for the whole head.
Is there any way to make this look more realistic in Cycles ?
Thank you for your answers,if i sound weird,english isnt my first language.
Please keep your solutions simple,remember im not working with blender very long.

Well I think the biggest problem is that the reflections are too sharp. The sharpness of the reflections depends on the finish of the surface. Even very well polished surface still has some very small scratches all over the surface which diffuse the light… Try something like this: reddish glossy roughness 0.01 and orangish glossy roughness 0.005 mixed 0.5. Then in addition to that, pure white glossy roughness 0.001 about 0.1 mix. All colors max intensity. Also use a hdr lightning or something for the reflections. Play with the tint and roughness… Depending on what you are going for you might even want to try a bump map, just some very small speckles…

I hope you’ll be able to improve the result with some of these unless someone who actually knows how to make realistic materials replies :smiley:

Put something around it. HDRI, other elements in the scene, anything. Metals have little color of their own, they take on the color of things around them. Making a metal shader in a raytrace engine is really pretty easy. Heck, a perfectly opaque specular reflector looks pretty metallic, so the bar is not set very high there. What makes the difference is the environment.

Check out this:

Most of the post deals with Mental Ray stuff that doesn’t have much to do with Cycles, but take a look at the last two pictures. Same models, same material, different environment. Really shows how much of a difference it makes giving your metals something to reflect.

Tame,i just dont know how to do what your telling me sry :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried it with Beckmann instead of Sharp and it looked ways better,still not perfect and realistic but very good
What is reddisch and orangish ?
J_the_Ninja Your answer was very usefull,since i found a tutorial and tried out what you meant,it looked also very good :slight_smile:

BTW, using Sharp distribution on the glossy shader effectively negates any roughness value :slight_smile: It’s like using Beckmann distribution with 0 roughness.