Realistic ROBOT VFX

Hey I thought I´ll show you this small animation/camera tracking I created.
The robot turned out fairly nice, but you may also note the reflections on the car.

Hope you like the video, check my channel for more.
Please give me some feedback.

Robot model here:

Wow, very nice!

When i saw it first, i thought the cars are real, but how surprised i was, when saw a breakdawn. Whery nice work, especialy in terms of compositing!

I didn’t even realize that the car was fake.
Very well done, however, I find that a lot of people make the camera work too shaky. It gives to illusion that the models are in the scene, but it also just makes it hard to watch.
I would suggest that you are steadier with the camera in the future.
Great animation though :slight_smile:

This is really well done. Nice job.

Steve S

Haha thx, a lot of people get the car wrong. It wasn´t fake but the modell was only there to get the reflections of the robot on the real car in the shot.
Also the camera was so shaky because I used a GoPro to record the video. I had no other camera available. And as you can imagine, a GoPro is pretty hard to hold stable.

Wow, that was great! Awesome job on the compositing

Fine work, mate!

Thanks to your kind comments. Please check out my youtube channel for more: