Realistic sand, sugestions anybody?

Here is what I am working on
How can I make a realistic looking sand?

Sand needs texture so aint a yellow blob

Ye I know sand needs textures :slight_smile:
I tried looking in google, could not find a thing :frowning:

try a noise texture, but don’t over do it. I’d say put more noise near the water and let it fade out away from the shore. Do this with a stencil map or something of the sort.

it’s pretty good if you’re going for a cartoonish look, though :smiley:

I tried noise, it not good :frowning:
And what is a “stencil”?

use a large cloud texture bumped and then use a small cloud texture bumped as well. Use a musgrave tiny texture for the actual sand! hope that that helps! :wink:

ya and what is stencil?

Stencil – You can use a texture as a stencil overlay for other textures below it. Sort of like an airbrushing stencil, only you have a full alpha gradiation. It works well with blend for perspective details :wink: It’s the stencil button in “Map to”, I think.

Don’t know if you have seen this thread but you may be able to ask Usagi very nicely if he would share his sand settings :smiley: (note how the sand turns smooth and wet :o )


  1. Turn shadows on in the render settings and change the lamp to a spotlight or area lamp.
  2. create a very small voronoi texture with the colour of it being slightly darker than the base colour of the sand.
  3. In the material settings under the ‘Map to’ panel, turn on ‘nor’, ‘hard’ and ‘csp’.

That should give you a start. :wink:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

There are a couple of things you can do
it depends on how you want your sand to look.

You think something like this?

I’d say something like that
it doesnot have to be the same bumping, but the texture is right.

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Try using the Oren-Nayar diffuse shader, and messing around with its roughness setting. Using that in combination with a texture will probably give you the best results. Using just a texture with the lambert shader will not allow you to get the best results.

I’ll post the .blend file this evening in the above-mentioned thread.

Um, is oren-Nayar really neccesary, all the roughness does is darken the image which can be done by lowering the reflection value.