Realistic Self Portrait Attempt

Hey everyone, I’m having a go at trying to create a realistic self portrait. First by sculpting with the dynatopo and then retopologizing. I’m having trouble with the likeness in a lot of areas, although I think the nose is getting decent. I haven’t done ears yet because they scare me.

I would love any tips because I’ve been staring at myself for too long.


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Okey… I think I can help a little:

Use a uvsphere for the eyes, or if you want follow this tutorial:

In your sculpt, the eyes are out of place, put them back a little, your inferior eyelid is smaller in you. and the eyebrows, are higher.
You have to put more effort in the shape of the muscles of the mouth.
Also study sculls, because you can not tell in your sculpt were the bones are.

Just try this things if you want, and we will see how it goes.
Also check this:

Good advice from Tonatiuh. The anatomy is not fully convincing so far.
It’s a good start tho and I want to see how your project develops. Will keep an eye on your progress :wink:

the head looks a bit squareish
maybe subdivide

Tonatiuh you have great advice. I did some of those changes you suggested and now it actually looks like a person. I don’t know if I see the likeness yet though. My eyes are strange. They are deep in the sockets but they pop out quite a bit. These upper eye lids are killing me.

Also I had a go at modeling the ear. Could look like a real ear soon.

I made some markings in your images in the places that I will look for, to improve the sculpt, maybe it helps you

It may be all wrong, but it help me to focus on objective things,

Be sure to check your viewport lens. This is in your properties panel under grease pencil. I usually go with 60 to 70. It makes sculpting in perspective a little easier.

Hey Tonatiuh, has anyone told you that you’re awesome?

Those drawing really helped out. The only part that seems a bit off in the is the shape of the top of the head. I don’t think it goes outward like that does it? My head seems pretty Oval.

Here is the progress.

Hehehe, not recently, but some times, I do work with people all the time, I’m a physiotherapist, and a teacher, so, I like to help!

Good progress, you addressed many things, it is getting there! but you have a lot of work to do!

I think you are been to shy! just try this, make a duplicated, and go wild, exaggerate the things I show you in the markings, some time exaggeration is good, so you can see what is working and what is not. Soften is very very easy! also if you are going to make a retopology later, if the base is a bit exaggerated, I think it is a good thing because the retoplogy looses a lot of detail.
We humans, tend to look to much to the faces, and we don’t see how big our heads are hehe, just play as RodDavis said with the camera lens of the view-port, I usually work or in orthographic, or in 80 or so. (that is because I new to the 3D world, I use to draw, so 3D confuse me a little).

Ok so I must have messed up with the eyes. I modeled a quick and dirty iris but I noticed the only way to get them to look right is if they are rotated outwards. Where did I go wrong here? Is it the size or the position of the eyes?

That is not because the rotation, but because you put the center of the iris, to near the inner border of the eye, that way it looks like you are you are looking to your nose. you have to center the iris, in the eyelids, but not rotate them.

Has been a while since I’ve updated this. The resemblance is getting close!

Yes! is getting close, nice skin paint!
Yo can still go further, for me the main focus to get more close to reality in your model are, the nose, the mouth, and the ears.
You should see the volume also, not just the contour.
But remember, you will not master the face until you study the anatomy properly, some times you can not see what you don’t know it exists. I see that in your face a lot. You have the skills, and your eye is starting to see the forms. just keep working.

your portrait has come a long way. the face has evolved beautifully. note the ears, your sculpt has them like “flat disks with decorations”, while the real ears are more like “bowls with decorations” attached to the head. look at your reference, and see how really deep it goes inside. you need to show that in your sculpt. so push the inner part deeper and the outer rim a tad more outwards. note that from the backview the ear rim shows a slight s-curve, being closest to the head at the bottom. … young faces are particularly hard to portrait, as the forms are much softer still, and thus it is harder to see the volumes and bony structures underneath the skin. you are doing a great job, keep going!

Here are some tweaks here and there. I haven’t had a look at the ears properly yet but they are on the list.

I cant tell if the eyes are too small now?

Don’t forget this things, you are still missing some of them.


This may help you to understand the skull better, you have to find it!!! it is to flat now. just don’t be shy! carve, carve! hehe

Tonatiuh I really appreciate your input because every time you give some it brings me closer to my goal. Just an fyi I’m no longer working on the original sculpted mesh I’m using a fairly low poly retopo with subsurf modifiers on. The mesh comes in at around 1800 faces without sub surf on.

I know it’s starting to look like me because I am beginning to be creeped out.

Nice improvement!

It can be nice if you put the rest of the neck and the shoulders, you should never stop in the things you want to see, just put the next anatomical structure, because if not you lose perspective, and then the neck don’t look right.
Just remember that you have started with the more difficult thing that is to do a likeness. so you have to be really patient, and work as long as it takes. make more photos of yourself, in different angles, and always look at the references, all the time, like ten looks to the reference, and one move of the mesh. All the great artist of likeness use a lot of references.
To sculpt and block the volumes, just go to low subdivisions. you don’t need much subdivisions to block the big volumes.
Just so you see a process of a likeness, you can see this video: link he use zbrush, but don’t mind that, it can be done in blender. and just forget about how quickly he does things. he is probably doing it for years now.

It is nice to see your commitment, and the effort you are making. Glad to be of help! and now! hehe some corrections I provably do if it was my project hehe.

just looking around and seen the differences, like the game with two images almost identical and then you have to see the differences. So that is what I see, maybe it helps. In the fotos i mark the things that I think is nice to be aware of.

Edit: I forgot the link to the video: link

a very good advices ! a may just add that for likeness it’s crucial to work asymetric , and adding hair can really help , anyway you r doing a great job here, Bravo!