Realistic Self Portrait Attempt

Thanks! hehe. Yes, asymmetry is very very important! but I think he is not there yet.

Big Update. Ok I really need some help here folks. From those side angles the likeness is really really nice but something about the front angle still doesnt look quite right. What is it I am missing??? I know I am still missing details like peach fuzz and a little bit of facial hair. But the likeness is ever so slightly off from the direct angle of the face. I feel psychologically humans are really good at noticing subtle differences in a face when we look directly into the eyes.

u went a long way ! and put a lot of effort here ! i think that the front view looks wrong because the face is perfectly symetric ! your face is not ! u may take this in consideration ! working likeness can be frustrating ! u r in the right way so keep on :wink:

Hey thanks for the kind words! I actually broke symmetry a while ago so I am not sure if that is it. Something about the inner eyelids are what is causing it I think. Because if it looks like me from the sides the thing causing it to not look like me must be on the inner part of my face that is only really seen from the front.

hard to tell , but i still find the eyes to symetrical!! when comparde to the Photo ! u may tray to give some expresion to the model ! someimes it helps pointing the problem , use a shapeKey so u dont have to deforme the original mech, or rig it ! good luck :wink:

Oh lord, I do want to rig it. But I have no idea how I should go about that. I would love to be able to rig it like that Finn model elsewhere on this thread.

Please post a side view of your model!
There are still mayor problems with the overall shape of the head, and in my opinion you get to early to texture, and hair. But it is ok. we can work with that.
The ear is still to different, and that has a lot of the personality.
Latter I’ll try to make a paint over, and a move proportion kind of thing. Just if you want, I don’t mean to be over stepping.

you can start with rigify the pitchipoy rig is just fantastic. And there hare fantastic videos in youtube that explain how to do it.