Realistic Sink Scene


This is my first attempt at a realistic scene, for I mostly do fantasy/sci fi work. What are you thoughts, what can I fix? And how can I get the render to be more high resolution (aside sampling) as well as make the lighting better?

(P.S. The left side of the counter will eventually have something on it)

Edges of the counter are too sharp. Also push them out a little more, to cast a very small shadow on the…ummm…thingy :slight_smile:
The end where you put the picture doesn’t match up with the colors of the scene. the picture is too stretched. Clouds in the window make it look like the scene is a flying house, it’s too big. Change the color of your windowsill to be a little darker than that middle part of the window, and amp up the rendering

After that, I think you have yourself a good-looking scene! Good luck, it’s really good for a first-timer :slight_smile:

Nice start, here are some suggestions:

-The camera is pointed down, so it’s really weird to see clouds outside the window.
-The window looks like a picture because there is no light coming from it.
-There is usually a part of the counter that is parallel to the wall, like this.
-A bevel would keep edges from looking too sharp.
-Backgrounds seems a bit out of place, and low res too. You could model that area as well or just make it a corner.
-The spout and the upper right corner of the sink intersect perfectly, making a visual tangent. Those should always be avoided because it makes the image look awkward since there is no depth perception. Helpful video here.

Sorry if that was super harsh, but I would like to see this improve. My first attempts at realism were much, much worse :slight_smile:

Thanks, out of curiosity, what is the umm… thingy - so I can make it look more like what it should be! And how can I make it less stretched? Oh, and the picture on the right is an enviro map for the anistropic shading :slight_smile:

No, it wasn’t harsh, the advice is great! How do you suggest I do the window, light coming from it?

It is tough to make a hole, especially an odd shaped hole, in a countertop, so plumbing fixtures are designed with a cover plate so whatever is coming through the countertop from underneath (like the faucet handles and the spout) can fit through round holes (easy to drill) and the extra space between the fixture and the hole can be filled in with caulk (or not) and covered with the cover plate.

It is also unusual for a realistic sink counter to have doors opening so high up that they expose the underside of the sink, (although many ‘modern’ designs violate this common sense standard) and to have handles positioned so they would poke someone standing at the sink in the leg.

No, it wasn’t harsh, the advice is great! How do you suggest I do the window, light coming from it?

Use cycles, give the window some glass, place the sky as a plane farther away as an emission of 1, and have a sun lamp shine through the window. That should do it!