Realistic Sky FX settings?!

I was wondering, what are the best settings and type of images to use in Blender’s world options to create a realistic, high quality sky dome/backdrop (maybe like the sky bg in Big Buck Bunny)? Particularly to avoid a stretched image that ends up creating a fake looking background.

To better understand this, if someone could even upload a blend example file a sky dome/sky background setup with the appropriate type of sky backdrop, that would aid me greatly by studying the file.

Hey 9BlenderArtist9,

While this might not be what you’re looking for, I find that having an high enough resolution image which serves a background is the first step.

The second thing I do is set it as a world texture. I then set the world to “Real”, turning off “Blend” and “Paper” in the World Buttons frame. After choosing the sky image I will use as a texture (which you can get at, I set it to “Sphere” under the Textures and Input tab. Then under the Map To tab, I select “Hori”. This should give you a pretty seamless sky texture with relatively little stretching. (At least I don’t notice any whenever I do it.)

Maybe this doesn’t help, but here’s a .blend file with an example. Please keep in mind that I had to use a low resolution image in order to keep the size of the .blend down. You’ll want a much higher resolution picture to replace it. Get it at CGTextures.



sky.blend (122 KB)

Thank you JDaniels. I’m going to take a look at the file after work.