realistic Sky

Srry If This Off Topic If People but I posted it here because this sky effect ect… is for the blender game engine and if people need help on making sky’s I can make a small tut for them. On how I made my sky.

So you can say it fall’s under the Game Engine. :rolleyes:

Try to make realistic sky effect :P.

Hi there tell me what you think about my sky effect that I just made on blender the downlaod link is :

Formated .exe

here is a snapshot

of the sky :


Post you images or .exe formated sky’s that you made on blender.

And remember people of elysiun keep on blendering :cool:

I don’t like this type of sky. The animation moves way too fast, and I can actually spot the box corners.

The sun and the halo effect however, I do indeed like (it’s freaking awsome). Just for that I would want to see a tutorial.

Actually just post the .blend. This way people can get a quick grasp on things and you won’t have to hear mac users complain about how the .exe doesn’t run on their computer.

Nice work, post the .blend.

K I will post a .blend later on right now I have to go to my giutar lesson’s :stuck_out_tongue: should be back in a hour or so. :wink: And I can make the sky animation slower but it is kinda fast because I was I rushed the sky when I was making it but you still got to say that is a pretty nice looking sky for 15 minute sky. :slight_smile:

Well anyways I will be back and uplaod the .blend.

But in the meanwhile remember keep on blendering people of elysiun !!!

Looks like the sky in my town. We are going through “May Gray” right now soon to be followed by “June Gloom”

Not in my opinion. The sky is “ok” at best.

The sun and the halos however are a slam dunk.

ok its been four days post it, please, i wanta c how u did this

Srry It toke couple of day’s to answer back my computer got a F**** Virus Had to get me a new hard drive :confused:. I am never again going to downlaod hack’s for game’s most of them are evil virus I found out the hard way. :mad:

Owell back to topic well I lost that .blend but I can quickly make another one fast and post it right now but it wont have to halo efect that I can probly make tommorow not today since I just got back from work and I am pretty sleepy. :stuck_out_tongue: { Making example pleasewait … Done }

uplaoding right now…
Done :P.

Here is the link To the RealTime Sky example :

It was made on Blender 2.41 :stuck_out_tongue:


And remember keep on blendering people of elysiun !!!

ya replacing hard drives suck see if you can take it to a computer store and get it reformatted it saves money, and the halo/flare sun thing is awsome i love it

you dont have to get a new harddrive if you get a virus… or take it to a shop

Well I am not sure my old hard drive when I put it back in my P.C And start it up my monitor is all blank it wont let me in my hard drive. I am not that type of computer Xpert but since I bought me a new hard drive I might as well use it :P. I will take my old hard drive to the computer store later and see if they can get my .blend’s ect… out of it :rolleyes:. But anyways tell me what you thnk about the .blend I posted. :stuck_out_tongue: And I only have 5 more minute’s before I leave again when I come back I will see toward’s doing the halo effect as a .blend and posting it. :rolleyes:

And remember people of elysiun keep on blendering !!!:cool:<<your only cool if you use blender :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I am at school right now no one has answered back from the last post well anyways I am going to uplaod the halo .blend later on. :stuck_out_tongue: And I posted this post so this topic won’t die. :rolleyes: Anyway’s I still got like 8 hour’s to go here before I get to go home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway’s …

Keep on blendering people of elysuin !!!


you dont have to get a new harddrive if you get a virus… or take it to a shop

( What other way can I fix my old hard drive ? ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Because when I put in my old hard drive and I start up my P.C My monitor is all blank it wont let me get in my hard drive ect… ? If you know how to fix this problem if you can post how to fix it it would help out alot. :). Thanks again ^^.

please post it, its been way more than 8 hours

Sorry that you had to go through getting a new HD. I guess windows users do have a hard time with viruses and junk like that. Sorry, hope you recover everything you need.

Death, does the bios show up? like the thing before it loads windws

How presumptuous.

One PC user reports a problem, and suddenly you think it’s happening to everyone else as well.

I guess that makes me presumptuous, me being a mac user, and owning multiple macs for years, I have never had any sort of problem. But every single one of my friends who use windows, have had problems with viruses. Tyler(Trojan), Loonietoon(Hundreds), Gomer(had to wipe off HD).

Anyways, on topic:

That lens flare is really nice! How did you do that?

I recently had to reformat my hd because of a virus :frowning: . Its all good though… for now…

1)Yes, that does make you presumptuous.

2)The reason that nothing happened to your mac is because no one bothers to write anything specifically for it, let alone viruses. Ussually that would be a good thing, but it gives some disadvantages when the majority of software out there is being developed exclusively for windows.

3)How is it you’r all so sure that it’s a virus? Last time I checked viruses are software, and the hard drive is the hardware that stores that software, formating the hard drive would get rid of all software (including the supposed virus) leaving you with a usable hard drive. This is all leading me to believe that it’s simply a hardware problem, and as such it says nothing about windows.

4)You’r friends either have very weird names, or those are their screen names. Either way I suggest you gather your research from people you actually know, since many just like to flame on windows and microsoft in general.

5)I have had windows since win95 first came out, and I have XP now, and in all that time I have never had any such catastrophic software problems with the windows os, and neither has anyone else I know. If you know what you are doing you can set up windows to be an “air tight” system all in all. These people who show up with all the viruses are ussually kids (who think they are) downloading hacks for their favorite game, and considering that the windows os is on 90% of all computers…well do the math. It’s like a 9 out of 10 chance that if “anything” happens it happens on windows, so you can’t just look at the numbers in a 1:1 comparison ratio.

I guess I was presumptuous, but all my friends have gotten multiple viruses with their PCs, but I have gotten none with my mac. Didn’t mean to rile you up like that. Macs are small, private, pretty fortresses without games to play. Windows are big, public, open buildings; but with plenty of games to play! goes with the fortress

well if you have a good firewall and know windows pretty good than there is little risk, and when are going to post that .blend