Holy Moly !!! A must check out!

Yeah, this is a major big step for blender.
Them coders better get on the ball on this one lol.


I saw the link that’s in the link a few weeks ago, thinking that it would be awsome if someone was able to put it in Blender. I heard that Blender 2.47 would another bug-fix-only release, but that will change, or else no one will be happy, if this isn’t added in 2.47. If it’s added in 2.47, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL 2.47! YEAH!

well no clue how much time it would take them to do.
but boy those clouds look great.

sometimes they seem too much like fractals - not sing those pyro cluster structures.
but that could be simply those demos and not showing all configurations for the clouds.

anyway the house demos are stunning


One of the images look like C4D’s pyrocluster.:eek:

And what will happen to Farsthary’s work now? He’s also been working on smoke though his seems to incorporate fire as well.

So will we actually have two realistic smoke methods for Blender in 2.50 (Farsthary’s work and this)?

check that explosion inside this movie.

the fire ball growth movement and shape change is beautiful

no one harmed.

I don’t think that farsthary’s work simulates and calculates smoke. It would rather complement this method with a good way to render it.

Shump: no, it does: this is hard to believe, but Farsthary is a really fast programmer:
He implements not only the volumetric rendering system, but he also integrates a Navier-Stokes smoke generation system. Please read the comments left on his blog for more information :slight_smile:

the smoke looks like jellyfish in some of the shots:D. with farsthary implentmenting (amazing speed less then 3 days) this it will save the devs alot of work. they will just implement farsthary’s work and then theyl have a this smoke sim too. I wonder if it could be modified to do explosions also. CANT WAIT TILL 2.50

-Templa Edhel

Dang, this is so sick I saw these vids just a week or so ago, I was thinking how brilliant it was, and wishing I could get my hands on software that supported it…

Lo and behold. I seriously hope the coders find some time to implement this!

that would be so cool. I hope they could put that and fire/explosions in the game engine

O M G! awsomeness, wonder how the detail scaling affects rendering times?

Wow! Farsthary is seriously an amazing programmer! Anyway, isn’t this new method supposed to be a post-process-sort-of-thing that is added on an existing simulation? If so, wouldn’t farsthary’s work rather be necessary for this new method?

well obviously it hasn’t been implemented yet for 2.47, but 2.5 looks to be the major upgrade. Fingers crossed!

I believe the work here was partly done by Nils, not Farsthary. As I read it’ll probably been Genrich who implements this inside of Blender.

Hi CD:)

Due to well-known bad situation, Farsthary has been working alone: he hardly gets connected through cyber coffee or similar (open to the Cubans only since a few months)
–> answer to your question: “I thought that you could not get connected in summer because of closed university?”

For the fluid, he has said that he has “only” integrated the C code from another paper, still no clue but it will come…

Read the visitors comment on his blog, I have clarified some stuff
( I humbly tell the truth: I (aka Ruddy) am his blog feeder :o )

P.S: as you are a bf-committer lover, what about helping him seeking in the source code for the functions he needs to finish coding? :wink:

P.S: as you are a bf-committer lover, what about helping him seeking in the source code for the functions he needs to finish coding?

I don’t know anything about the source code so don’t ask me to dig into the source for him.

just kidding :wink:
Anyway if it were so simple (for a non-blender programmer), Farsthary would have already found the functions :slight_smile:
(if they exist). It should take time in order to become familiar with all these new fields despite the blender foundation tutorials…

o.m.g. - great stuff. I’d love for --someone-- to get decent true volumetrics into Blender in the not-too-distant future! drool

Would it be possible to use both methods? I know Farsthary has worked really hard on some pretty cool stuff. I think that his approach look like they work very similar to what we see in other packages. Ofcourse the Nils version looks far more detailed.