Realistic Stones


First a big thank you to all who critiqued my work in this thread. Thanks guys!

Oh and please, anyone who wishes, don’t hesitate to criticise my work more :slight_smile:

So this is the result of a weekend project which went on into the next week :smiley: This is my shot at realistic looking stones which could perhaps be used in a game with GLSL.


Looks good, but far from realistic.

far from realistic.

Yep I agree. But they’re more realistic than these (my first try at realistic stones):


A very good try but most rocks don’t have dimples in them. It would just be an overall bumpy surface.

They are better than the first ones you made but, I think you may be able to do better with a little help.

Here’s a tutorial on making stones, it’s quite a long tutorial but I think in the end it may interest you quite a bit :slight_smile:
And here’s a grass tutorial to go with it! (Just rocks would be boring wouldn’t it? ;))

Good luck


Here’s a tutorial
Already watched that one. It’s really good and helped me a lot :slight_smile:

I would have baked those sculpted dimples to normal map but I didn’t have the original mesh. I could model another one around the hi poly objects to make a low poly to bake to but I’m finished with this project for now. On to other things :smiley:

Now I’m finished this project…lol :smiley:

How’s this for less dimples and just a “bumpy” surface?