Realistic Street Rendered in cycles


Interesting! It’s like it gets more and more stylized toward the top of the image.

If anything then it gets more and more unrealistic XD

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Actually, I like the atmospheric effect above the car. Unusual in real life, but in fog, mist &/or twilight, there are real instances when an object (the car, here) gets a kind of spotlight effect, either via, say, a streetlamp, or a break in the clouds, or simply due to its own metallic reflectivity. Perfectly believable. For myself, I would show a bit more color in the faded graffiti on the wall, nearest the foreground, then fading into distance.

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Omg thank you so much for the words! Yes! I’ll take care about that wall you said!
And thank you again for providing such elaborate explaination because where I live it never gets foggy or cold enough.
I’ll keep everything you said in mind for the next piece of this series.
Thank you! :heart::pray::pray::pray: