Realistic sun light for archiviz study

The title says it all: is it possible to achieve a correct lighting simulation for geolocalized architecture scene?
In other words: if I model a building, knowing the exact position and orientation would I be able to know how the light affects the interior, with a good approximation (I understand perfection is not at reach).
If the answer is negative, would Google Sketchup be able to accomplish this task?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Thanks Richard, that was quick!
Look exactly what I was looking for, even if reading the thread it gives a kind of half-baked work… will investigate a bit.

Quick demo

Does it have to be BI?

Renderer that have geographical correct sunlight:
Octane, Nox, Thea

I am sure there are more though. I would be surprised if vray couldn´t do it too.

And otherwise you can always calculate the suns angle and just set it manually with a sunlight:

There are plenty of sunangle calculators online.

I made a couple of quick tests and to my surprise the sun position looks correct.
Now the next step is try to reproduce the correct light conditions and I guess Luxrender is the way to go.