Realistic textures

I recently came across how to assign specific textures to multiple faces of a single object. However, i think that the options of blender generated textures would not be sufficient to keep the realistic hues needed to generate the textures for a lot of objects like e.g. the human head or any organic object. Wouldn’t applying seperate textures to the face, lips , eyes of such an object just create an awful look? Or am I wrong and does blender support those textures? I am aware of the option of image textures but these can be somewhat hard to find sometimes…tried looking for images of lip skin on googleimages but only got images of lips. Also, I am not too familiar with image textures…are there ways to apply it without uv unwrapping?

No, you always have to create an UV map.
And what you’re looking for is “projection painting”. And YOU need to take care to create a homogenous, nice looking texture, and it’s not a trivial matter, that’s why there is such a thing as texture artists. It’s something you got to learn and you got to be good at.

Thanks for that. I guess texturing is just one of the other things i’ll have to learn on this road. First though, ill work on building up my modeling skills in blender before working on textures.