Realistic textures

I have been watching the tutorials on blender guru on texturing and have been able to accomplish realistic texturing on like planes for a road. My question is like if i wanted to make a realistic pencil where you could see all the grooves in the wood and everything be realistic how would i do that i have not figured out how to accomplish the same effect on a cylinder any ideas?

I have been watching tutorials on realistic texturing using crazy bumps to get all the maps my question is how do you get it to work on cylinders. It works just fine on planes but on cylinders it distorts and just doesn’t look right how is this achieved

when making complicated textures, it’s best to UV map your object. learn to UV map, and then you can paint your maps for spec, bump, etc., and refine the images in a paint program, before loading them as texture channels. once having loaded them, they need to have ‘color’ toggled off ( unless it’s a diffuse color map ) and be set to whatever value they are meant to effect, such as specularity, or normal, in the ‘influence’ panel in texture buttons.

for cycles see intro to photo realist map

there must be some also for normal blender at blenderguru!

but it can be involved to get high res nice render


OK that would work. I have some pencil models that I want to use for a close up shot so I wanted to be able to see all the wood dimples and grains and I still don’t understand the UV mapping with rounded meshes

That tutorial requires Crazy Bump however, which is a really expensive program for what it does.

Mapzone has been mentioned numerous times here and I would still find it a good choice for generating the maps seen in the tutorial if one needed a free program to do it. There’s also various filters mentioned for the GIMP if one didn’t want to mess with node trees.

EDIT: Someone on that page mentioned some app. named Smart Normal.

It looks like this one doesn’t even require you to download or install anything (just do it all in your browser).

Well im wantint to replicate this if anyone would like to help i am still new to realistic texturing on rounded meshes i can accomplish it very well on planes

cgcookie has an intro to mapping for human which use only GIMP and make all the maps required
but u have to know GIMP very well i guess
now that video will show you how to using GIMP for all the maps required!

so ahave fun with mapping

happy blendering